About Us

Our mission at Maple Leaf is fourfold: Rehabilitation, Education, Community and Research. Rehabilitation at MLPT is rooted in the principles of exercise physiology. Evidence-based management of musculoskeletal and neurologic problems is supported by advanced testing and training technologies. Injuries may be from repetitive motion, trauma, sports and motor vehicle accidents, etc. Throughout the years, MLPT has served as a clinical training site for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant programs throughout the region.

Students from schools from as far away as New England and Texas have affiliated at MLPT. Additionally, MLPT has conducted numerous community-based seminars for the throwing and overhead athlete, golfers, as well as fall prevention and osteoporosis. MLPT is proud to have an ongoing commitment to research. Lecture, poster and platform presentations at state, national and international conferences have been given on such topics as iontophoresis, transdermal drug delivery, laser treatment of open palm surgical wounds as well as the evaluation of fall prevention technique.