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"Happy with my treatment and experience at MLPT. Great staff, very knowledgeable, enjoyed the visits."
Feb 21, 2023
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"Our son is a high school wrestler and was a patient after sustaining a significant sports injury. His injury has ended other athletes' careers yet he was committed to take the mat again. The office team at Maple Leaf, in particular Samantha, attended to every detail and worked with us so we could obtain the best care for him. Dr. Jack worked with our son to set realistic and measurable goals. He closely monitored his progress , reassessed his goals, and helped him restore mobility and feel like the kind of athlete he is. We believe that the intense therapy and compassionate care our student athlete received helped him not just in his sport but in all aspects of his daily life and routine. There was a lot of doubt that our son would see as much success as he had in previous seasons. We are happy to report his season record is 34-3 and has a list of achievements, including district champion of his weight class. Thank you Maple Leaf PT Team!"
Feb 20, 2023
"Great staff and facility. Always upbeat and very helpful. Knee is fully operational!"
Feb 20, 2023
"About 6 months ago I finished my physical therapy at Maple Leaf. I cannot believe not only the progress I made during my 2 months there, but the good habits I formed and the everything I learned while I was there also. Excellent staff that actually wants to see you improve and more 1 on 1 attention than you would receive at other PT facilities. Thanks to MLPT I have the best knees in town. I’d recommend this to anyone that needs physical therapy - you won’t regret it !!"
Feb 19, 2023
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Feb 14, 2023
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"I cannot praise the team at Maple Leaf enough for the manner in which they rehabilitated my knee! The staff of professionals began with a personal evaluation, which led to a rehab program designed specifically for me, which enabled me to return to full strength rapidly with absolutely no complications. They are very caring and knowledgeable people who use the latest state-of-the-art equipment in a friendly, warm atmosphere. You won’t find that kind of undivided attention at any of the corporate centers or hospitals! I would never even consider going anywhere else for PT!"
Jan 11, 2023
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"Having never needing any services of a pyhical therapist Iwas at a loss of who to go to. Thank GOD my primary doctor and his staff found Maple Leaf. I walked into their office with a cane and and a constant limp. After one session I put the cane down. I still have a slight limp but have improved. Rick knew just how to adjust and stretch that took most of the pain away. If you need therapy, this is the place to go. I gladly rate them 5 stars."
Oct 22, 2022
"I recently completed a course of Physical Therapy at Maple Leaf PT and was very pleased with the results. At Maple Leaf the Clinical Staff members are highly educated in their field and have plenty of diverse clinical experience. All of the staff were pleasant to be with and very kind and patient. This is important especiallly to senior patients whoo often need to have instructions repeated. They treated me the way they would treat a family member. I highly recommend Maple Leaf for Physical Therapy."
Oct 11, 2022
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"Have an arthritic shoulder was experiencing pain and loss of movement. Rick and Dr Jack set up a program that that gave me much more range of motion and really reduced the level of pain. Thanks to Maple Leaf I am able to avoid surgery."
Jul 05, 2022
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"10 Stars! Rick and his staff are excellent in their field been going for 30+ years"
Jun 29, 2022
"I have had accidents, surgery, a broken collar bone, etc. If left to my choice MapleLeaf is my "choice." Dr. Dellagatta examines, evaluates, and treats. To my satisfaction in all problems, will make Mapleleaf my choice always."
Apr 14, 2022
"Our daughter broke her ankle in April of 2021; just as her freshman year of spring track was starting. After the cast came off we took her to Maple Leaf for physical therapy. Dr. Rick and the entire staff were amazing. They laid out a PT plan specific to her injury as well as her sport. She was able to rehabilitate her way back onto her high school varsity cross country team by the fall of 2021! She and her team won sectionals, states, the Meet of champions and the North East regionals. She would never have been able to do it without the specialty care that she received at Maple leaf. They are very knowledgeable and have all the latest technology and equipment. We are forever grateful and highly recommend them."
Dec 02, 2021
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"Ashley at maple wood therapy was the best therapist always professional I had a knee replacement left knee it was a major operation she was there and pushed me to my limits to get back to my best abilities thank you so much your amazing"
Nov 27, 2021
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"The only place I would go by choice."
Jul 28, 2021
"I came here a few times before and I have excellent results every time. Ricky is the best therapist I know. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming never judgemental by other patients."
Jul 24, 2021
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"Rick and his team are fantastic! They care about each and every one of their clients as individuals and give them superior care. I would highly recommend Maple Leaf PT! "
Dec 18, 2020
Oct 16, 2020
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"I was seen at Penn for my knee/hip and they referred me to PT. I chose Maple Leaf because of their amazing reputation. When I started I had trouble with balance and walking/ stairs. After going to PT for 10 weeks, my balance and leg strength has improved significantly. My Hip pain has decreased and I find steps easier to do. Rick and his team are truly gifted in their profession. I would recommend Maple Leaf to anyone who needs physical therapy. They genuinely care and put 100% into each and every patient. "
Feb 29, 2020
"I was diagnosed with lower back arthritis and PT was recommended. I chose Maple Leaf PT as it had a great reputation and was locally owned and operated. It was convenient for me as live in Hammonton also. After an initial consultation Dr. Dellagatta mapped out a plan for me. I was treated weekly with stretching and light weight lifting as well as traction and deep tissue laser massage. I began to notice improvement after three or four visits. My lower back pain began to ease and I had more mobility and flexibility. All in all after 6 weeks of treatment I felt much better. The staff was great. Short wait times and prompt treatment and follow up. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maple Leaf PT to anyone. "
Feb 18, 2020
"I can not say enough about Maple Leaf -- I have been to other physical therapy establishments and there is no comparison. The people make me feel comfortable and confident they are there to help. The equipment is the best."
Dec 06, 2019
"Dr. Rick Dellagata and his entire staff are miracle workers as far as I am concerned. I suffered a fall in February and had so much pain in my left hip that I could hardly walk. After my initial examination, a comprehensive, and individually personalized program of excercise was created. The staff is very professional and treat all their patients like family. After 3 short months I can say I am thankfully pain free. I would highly recommend Maple Leaf Physical Therapy to anyone in need."
Jun 28, 2019
"My experience at Mapleleaf was a very positive experience. Staff was extremely knowledgeable, caring and made you feel comfortable. All questions were answered in terms that you could understand. I especially liked that you were not rushed through the physical therapy. The downstairs gym facility was an added bonus that helped with my recuperation of a knee replacement. I would definitely come back to this facility if I needed to."
Mar 29, 2019
"My experience at Maple Leaf P.T. exceeded all of my expectations. Speaking as a nurse, I was impressed by the detailed and lengthy evaluation Rick Dellagatta provided. I went there for knee pain, but left with so many other benefits. My generalized weakness, poor balance and cardiac endurance were greatly improved along with my knee pain alleviated. I credit all of this to Rick and everyone of his staff who take the extra steps to give that personalized care to make this place so special. I highly recommend Maple Leaf P.T. for anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable facility."
Mar 25, 2019
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"Wonderful hometown physical therapy care. Every staff member is so kind. My knee had pain and was weak. Now it is stronger. "
Mar 12, 2019
"Wonderful staff, super helpful. Very good at what they do, i went from having a really bad back to complete mobility in 6 weeks. Amazing place, would recommend to any of my friends or family"
Feb 15, 2019
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"Excellent care and service!"
Jan 14, 2019
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"Rick & Staff are the best, I went for a year with my injuries. I was made to feel like family!"
Dec 20, 2018
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"My last therapy session was my fourth visit to MLPT over the past 9 years. Their professionalism and repeated successes with my treatments (for foot drop, spinal surgery post-op, hip replacement and most recently severe back spasms) is why I would not go anywhere else. Using state-of-the-art technology, my back pain completely disappeared over the course of Dr. Dellagatta's proscribed treatments. Electrical nerve stimulation, deep laser massage, etc.are wonderful procedures for pain relief. Love the anti-gravity treadmill - very clever device. Thank you, Dr. Dellagatta and staff! Joel Spiegel Folsom, NJ"
Dec 04, 2018
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Oct 20, 2018
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"This is the best and only place for Physical Therapy for me and my family You are always treated as family, Everyone is making sure your are comfortable. I always recommend Maple Leaf Physical Therapy You will feel better!"
Oct 18, 2018
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"my family has been going to maple leaf for years, and now i refuse to go anywhere else. Rick and all the staff make you feel comfortable. They are very knowledgeable about what they are doing I had chipped a bone in my ankle and had a hard time to even walk but because of the knowledgeable staff i was able to avoid surgery and was back to normal activity in a short time."
Oct 17, 2018
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"The quality of the professional care that I have received is second to none. Dr. Dellagata always provides careful attention to improving my condition whether it is a problem with my back, my shoulder or anything else. I can honestly say that he focuses on fixing whatever problem I have more than any other medical professional that I have ever had experience with. He is up to date on the latest research and he has made great recommendations for additional medical treatment when needed. His equipment is state-of-the-art and his staff is professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. He has helped members of my family and we would not think of going anywhere else."
Sep 23, 2018
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"The staff and service was absolutely wonderful. After completing my PT here I was able to move and walk as if never had a Problem Thank you Maple Leaf"
Sep 19, 2018
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Aug 17, 2018
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"I have come to Maple Leaf Therapy numerous times over the years for various issues. I have been successfully treated each and every time. I have never considered going anywhere else."
Aug 13, 2018
"Rick and Sam are always so pleasant and helpful during my appointments. I really enjoy coming to Maple Leaf and always feel much better after my sessions. "
Jul 24, 2018
"Friendly, fast service, and the staff makes you feel like you're family. Loved the hard candy treats to help get through sometimes painful physical therapy but got me back to wellness. Thank to you Rick and everyone who helped me."
Jul 18, 2018
"The staff is so friendly and personable. When you first enter there stands Samantha with a friendly smile. Rick is the most compassionate person and never too busy to answer questions."
Jun 29, 2018
"I had never done any sort of physical therapy before so I was unsure what to expect. The staff was amazing, everyone is extremely knowledgable and friendly. I felt right at home from day one. Should I need physical therapy again, I 100% plan to use them again."
Jun 28, 2018
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"I have used Maple Leaf on several occasions and received great results every time. The treatment is professional and compassionate under the direction of Dr. Dellegata and his highly trained staff."
Jun 04, 2018
"Rick and his staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring towards their patients. My husband and myself have been coming here through out the years for various issues and as far as we are concerned this is the best physical therapist around. In fact my dad came to this office when Rick started out of his home way back in the early days. So if you ever need PT this is the place to come....John & Nancy (Migliaccio) Taylor.."
May 23, 2018
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"I have been coming to MLPT for some time now! Rick and his office staff make you feel comfortable and they are all very personable and friendly. They are very accommodating, with my crazy, hepatic schedule if I am unable to make it they have no problem rescheduling me for another day. Dr. Rick takes his time to work with each and every patient personally. I would highly recommend MLPT to anyone. Keep up the excellent work Maple Leaf Physical Therapy :)"
May 23, 2018
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"I have been being treated by Maple Leaf for a couple months now. The staff is very nice and know how to make you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Rick and his staff to all of my family and friends! "
May 22, 2018
"Very thorough with treatments!!! I had a total knee replacement and Rick had me on my feet and pain free a lot sooner then my surgeon expected!!! My second injury which involved a neck injury which was a real pain, (literally) was treated and I obtained comfort that I didn't have for many years!!! That you Rick and Staff!!! You guys are like Family!!!!"
May 21, 2018
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"I have been coming to Maple Leaf Physical Therapy for a few years now for different back issues. Rick is excellent at what he does and well educated in his field. The staff is very professional and friendly. I would recommend this office to anyone."
May 21, 2018
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"I am an avid weight lifter who went here for neck pains and was thoroughly impressed by the white-glove treatment I received from Rick and his staff. Rick is a wealth of knowledge and was able to remedy my neck pains with his therapy plan. He made sure the treatment was custom to my needs and took into consideration all of the variables. His courteous staff was attentive and created an amiable environment. I recommend MLPT to athletes looking for a physical therapy center that understands your needs and gets the job done correctly."
May 21, 2018
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"Have gone to Maple Leaf a couple of times and have a positive experience. Very helpful, professional and courteous staff. I would definitely recommend. Flory Santiago"
May 21, 2018
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"Being a patient at Maple Leaf Physical Therapy is the best place to be for my therapy. Dr Rick Dellagato and his friendly and competent staff are very attentive and always listens to your needs. At MLPT there is state-of-the-art equipment that helps bring you back to feeling normal again. I highly recommend MLPT to anyone that needs it."
May 20, 2018
"Rick and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable - state of the art equipment"
May 19, 2018
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"I have been coming to Maple Leaf Physical Therapy for many years. Rick and his staff have always been friendly and professional. In that office you are not just another number to them. They take the time to get to know you and treat you like family. This office always has the most up to date equipment to help speed up the recovery process. I have been treated for multiple injuries over the years and Rick has always gone the extra mile to make sure I could get back to work and my everyday activities as soon as possible. Between his 40+ years of experience and multiple degrees Rick knows what he is doing. If you want the best and expect the best than this is the office for you."
May 18, 2018
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Dear Rick & Staff

Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received over the last six weeks. When I arrived I was really worried about how much discomfort I would have to endure getting the flexibility back after knee replacement surgery. There was no pain. I am delighted that with your plan of exercises I am now able to do most daily tasks easily.

I can’t say enough about your wonderful, professional staff. They were so helpful and caring. Hugs to all. I have shared my positive experience with others and will miss you all.

Joann S.

I first went to Maple Leaf physical therapy 15 years ago when I sprained my ankle playing basketball. Before that, I had never really been injured and knew nothing of physical therapy. Since that time, I have had some other injuries and surgeries on my neck and elbow and returned to physical therapy. Rick and his staff are great, they are very attentive to your needs as you heal and the setting is very comfortable, you almost feel like part of a little family while there. He has great equipment, including a laser that does an amazing job of facilitating healing. He takes his time to explain what is going to be done and is always willing to listen to what is ailing you and to help in any way he can.  It has been a great experience every time for me and I feel better when I leave, often better than I have felt in a long time before the injury. If you are in need of therapy, get here, and get right, you will not be disappointed. 

Brian S.

My very first experience with physical therapy at MLPT could not have been better. All staff were kind, knowledgeable, caring and went above and beyond to make each and every patient feel comfortable during a truly painful time. The downstairs gym facility had state-of-the-art equipment (including an Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill) and was a tremendous help in getting me back to normal again. I have recommended this establishment to several others as the absolute best. A huge, heartfelt thank you to all those who participated in my recovery.

Maureen S.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my personal experience with Physical Therapists. First and foremost this is a completely honest and factual based review. Over my lifetime I have been to many different Physical Therapist Offices, some have been nationally recognized chains; others were small local Physical Therapists. These offices were previously selected by either my insurance or my physician at the time location of needing Physical Therapy. My physical therapy sessions have been either due to motor vehicle accidents shoulder surgeries and just general soft tissue trauma. In other words, I have been to a number of physical therapy clinics.

Whenever I have the opportunity to choose my Physical Therapist, there is only one physical therapist that I will ever use and that is Dr. Rick Dellagatta, of Maple Leaf Physical Therapy. Rick and his staff are second to none, when it comes to caring and achieving the best results for all of their patients. To start with, one needs only to look around the clinic. The equipment is ultra-modern and the staff are continually attending to people. The procedures and techniques, many of which have been pioneered at MLPT, are evidenced-based and effective. From my own experience (and conversation with fellow patients at MLPT) it appears MLPT patients recover quickly and completely to a better quality of life.

Maple Leaf Physical Therapy does not over book or double book patient appointment times and I see the same therapist and staff each visit. Unlike other facilities I’ve attended, there is visit to visit continuity with procedures such as stretching, strength training and patient education.

My family believes so much in Maple Leaf Physical Therapy that currently we have three generations of our family using their services! Simple choice is because of their superior service and they never treat you as if you are just a number. You feel just like you are part of the family!


As a patient at Maple Leaf Physical Therapy I could not be happier with the outcomes achieved following multiple traumas and surgeries. Under the direction of Dr. Enrico “Rick Dellagatta and his competent and compassionate staff I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a state-of-the-art facility with the latest equipment and modalities available and a highly trained staff in the application of this equipment. Would not consider any other facility for mine or my family’s needs.

John F.

The associates at Maple Leaf Physical Therapy were excellent in providing me the tools I needed to recover from an injury and transition back into my sport. Their hard work and dedication to help me went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks to their help I was able to overcome a severe foot injury and compete in my senior year of cross-country and win my fourth straight county cross-country title.

Alyssa A.

Dear Dr. Rick and “Clinical Family “

Thank you so much for the great care & the TLC during my rehab with you. I will truly miss being with you folks. Your expertise and professional experience is responsible for me getting back on my feet following my knee replacement. My kindness regards and stay healthy.

Gary B.